Sunday, April 2, 2017

CT: Southwest Sunsets and Optimistic

Road trips through America's southwest have become a staple of Americana. Driving west into the desert and the setting sun is both the stuff of legend and of many families' scrapbooks. Southwest Sunsets provides the perfect backdrop for your family's stories. This bold kit combines strong motifs and classic colors to make you feel like you're already out west. Arrows, feathers, and cacti abound in this kit, along with desert-dwelling coyotes, foxes, and deer. There are plenty of patterned bands, suns, and sunsets to further accent your pages. Southwest Sunsets also comes with a turquoise Western-inspired alpha and a word strip pack that features many of the Southwest's most popular destinations to make it easier to record your memories. So load up the car (and the camera) and drive west into the desert. Then, scrap your memories with Southwest Sunsets.Each piece is just $1 April 1-7.

Here is my layout:


Optimistic is the newest kit from Ponytails Designs and it's a beauty.  What I LOVE about her kits is, no matter how feminine and girly she designs them, they're versatile enough to make a great boy page.

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