Thursday, September 22, 2016

CT: Sea World

There's a whole world of wonder under the ocean and on the shore. Sea World brings that undersea fun to your scrapbook page. With multiple shades of blue, poppy yellow-green, black, white, and grays, this kit would not be out of place in an aquarium. Featured elements include fish, marine mammals, sharks, sea turtles, waves, and a bubbly fun alpha. This kit also pairs well with vacation-themed products for a wider scope of fun by the sea. So dive in and start scrapping those photos with Sea World. Get this kit during the first week of release for 1/2 off. Previews are linked.

Check out my layout!

Make sure you grab this adorable coordinating word art that I created.  
Click here or the image to download.


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely kit and word art

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  3. Thank you for the adorable word art. My husband and I saw both of the movies. We laughed like crazy at Finding Dory. We had our granddaughter for five weeks this summer she was 10 going on 17. I keep on calling Dory, Dora and my gd would correct me every time. We took her on her last night with us to see a stage production of the Little Mermaid and we all loved it and laughed at the comments of Scully the seagull. It was the first time we saw her laugh at loud and the pricey tickets suddenly became worth every penny. Thanks again. Marie H.