Monday, April 1, 2013

Featured Designer & Land of Lincoln

Have I got some exciting stuff to tell you?
Not only do I have some new stuff in my store, but I also am the Featured Designer the first half of April.  I have lots of stuff planned, so keeping reading...

Want to earn $5 in my store?  Read below and then head over to the SNP forum.

Also, join me on Thursday, April 4th at noon (12pm CST) for a speed scrap.  I just might be giving away some stuff. Don't want to miss out on that.

Guess what else?  I have some new stuff in the store.  I decided to tackle a 2nd kit, and it's called Land of Lincoln, honoring my home state of Illinois.  The pieces are part of the first week of the month Bits N' Pieces special in the Scraps N' Pieces store.
Each piece is just $1 the first week of April.  After that, I'll be bundling them all up and putting them together in one big kit at regular price.  Need some inspiration?

Want to grab a few more of the travel inspired Bits N' Pieces packs?

I'm also hosting the first Template Challenge in April.  Head on over, snatch up a free template (a sneak peek of what's to come in my Princess of the Month: Snow White pack) and play along...
Lots of great stuff is going into the store this month.  Check out the April SNP store collab, "When We're Helping". It's on sale for $7.99, while the quick pages are $5.99 or just grab the bundle for $10.99.

We have a great CU pack available too that's as cute as a button.

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